Coal industry news ... 13 September 2017

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Coal to remain India's mainstay power generation fuel until 2040: Coal India : Coal will remain the mainstay fuel for power generation in India in thenext two. Share
Allegiance Coal reports Telkwa stage 1 PFS results : Allegiance reports the results of the stage 1 pre-feasibility study and reviews the staged production PFS for the Telkwa metallurgical coal project in Canada. Share
Op-Ed: Wind Industry Lifts South Dakota : Watertown Public Opinion: There are few greater economic development opportunities in rural America right now than wind power. Across the country, wind farms are providing a stable source of new more Share
West Virginia Reconsiders Its Permit for 300-Mile Mountain Valley Pipeline : Charleston Gazette: Faced with a deadline to defend their permit approval against a federal court challenge, West Virginia regulators moved this week to back off their certification that the Mountain more Share
Turnbull comments on AGL meeting 'Trumpean showmanship': Cousins : Malcolm Turnbull's trumpeting over yesterday's meeting with AGL boss Andy Vesey is just \"Trumpean showmanship\", former prime ministerial adviser and business veteran Geoff Cousins says. Share
CNX Coal cuts 303 workers at Bailey mine as it awaits permit decision : CNX Coal has reduced the workforce at its Bailey Mine by 303 employeeswhile it. Share
India’s coal plants run at 3-year high a hydro, nuclear output falls : Plant utilization at coal-fired stations rose to 58% in August, compared with 51.6% a year ago, as per the latest power ministry data Share
Coal Miners: Why the Weak Dollar Matters : One analyst explores how the weak dollar could impact coal producers in the U.S. and internationally. Share
'Grave': New study finds significant impacts of coal mining in Sydney catchment : An independent study has found unexpected valley bulging and fractures reaching the surface above a major coal mine in the greater Sydney catchment, prompting WaterNSW to seek greater scrutiny of future mining applications. Share
Sindh govt announces compensation for Thar Coal Block II victims - The Express Tribune : Announcement was made at ceremony marking 50% completion of project Share
Power plants step up buying natural gas after coal shortage : These plants, where Rs 1.24 lakh crore has already been invested, operated at a mere 22.51 per cent plant load factor, producing 49 billion units of electricity, in 2016-17. Share
Numsa union demands 15% wage hike in coal sector : The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) has demanded Glencore raise coal mining wages by 15%, Numsa said on Tuesday, almost triple the inflation rate … Share
The government has this MP right where they want him in the coal debate : Joel Fitzgibbon, in Malcolm Turnbull's estimation, is emblematic of Labor's dilemma. Share
Canadian processing plant begins operations : The coal handling, preparation and processing plant in Nova Scotia is now operational. Share
Strong overseas demand for Australia coal deprives local utilities of fuel : Strong Asian demand for coal from Australia is depriving domestic power generators of fuel and driving electricity prices higher, energy providers and mining sources said. Share
Adani gets to work on 170MW solar farm in Queensland coal country : Company behind plans to develop Australia’s largest coal mine begins work on 170MW solar plant in another Queensland coal hub. Share
Malcolm, Josh Grow Up, Kill the Renewable Energy Target & Go Nuclear : When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. Australians are fast growing up to the fact that run… Share
The true cost of keeping the Liddell power station open : Government payments to keep Australia's oldest coal plant running would amount to a carbon subsidy. It's worth looking at the financial — and carbon — cost. Share
The coal club can huff and puff but it's too late to blow the renewable house down | Peter Lewis : The message from the public is clear: they just want the government to retake control of an energy market that has ceased to serve their interest Share
AGL 'speaks with forked tongue' on future of Liddell power plant : A Liberal backbencher accuses AGL of speaking with a forked tongue after appearing to rule out breathing new life into the Liddell coal-fired power station. Share

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DEEP YELLOW LIMITED 2017 Annual Report and Financial Statements
ALGAE.TEC LIMITED AEB ramps up cannabis growing operations in Uruguay
ALLEGIANCE COAL LIMITED Stage 1 PFS Results Presentation
ENERGY METALS LTD Half Yearly Report and Accounts

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