Gas industry news ... 13 September 2017

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Cartel accusations fly as gas industry's insists NT fracking would reduce power prices : Battle lines are drawn between the gas industry and its critics over whether allowing fracking to resume in the Northern Territory could help solve the east coast energy price crisis. Share
Santa Fe Midstream building Permian natgas assets : Santa Fe Midstream building Permian natgas assets. Share
How Fossil Fuels Can Flourish : Germany’s largest utility remains undeterred about takeover speculation even as key shareholder E.ON could sell its stake. Uniper can actually thrive thanks to the country’s renewable energy shift, its CEO said. Share
EU closer to ‘genuine Energy Union’ as MEPs support gas supply solidarity : European lawmakers approved on Tuesday (12 September) a new security of gas regulation, which includes a solidarity principle in case of supply disruptions and will make it more difficult for other countries to 'blackmail' the EU's members. Share
U.S. Natural Gas Arrives in Lithuania : The first-ever delivery of U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Lithuania on August 21 marks a turning point for the Baltic region’s energy markets. Share
Business Minister encourages investors to look beyond oil : “Oil is not the only thing happening to Guyana,” declared Business Minister Dominic Gaskin, as he addressed the Canadian Oil and Gas Trade Mission at the Guyana Marriott Hotel on Monday… Share
Why Liddell power plant is a terrible investment : The Turnbull government really wants someone, anyone, to buy the Liddell coal-fired power plant. But lessons from Hazelwood should remind any potential buyer that an ageing, dying power plant is often more trouble than it's worth. Share
Power plants step up buying natural gas after coal shortage : These plants, where Rs 1.24 lakh crore has already been invested, operated at a mere 22.51 per cent plant load factor, producing 49 billion units of electricity, in 2016-17. Share
AGL pressured to keep coal-fired plant running - The Money Street : Source: Market Watch Personal Finance MELBOURNE, Australia–Plans by one of Australia’s largest utilities to phase out coal-fired power stations is running up against a government supportive of the fuel and eager to counter the threat of blackouts by extending the life of the company’s oldest plant. Share
Leading Govt Oil and Gas Companies Recruiting Now - UAE : Five Continents Technical & Industrial Services Establishment is dedicated in providing manpower leading-govt-oil-gas-companies-recruiting-now-uae Share
Firms boost gas distribution in Lagos : “The project started in October 2015, when Shoreline Power, a subsidiary of Shoreline Energy took a 75% stake in Gasland, who had been granted the Lekki gas distribution franchise for these areas by the former Share
Drivers may face long wait for gas to return to South Florida stations : South Florida drivers searching for gas now that Hurricane Irma has departed may have a long wait ahead of them. Share
Oil, Gas to become world's primary energy source by 2035 - Vanguard News : Despite the call for the development of alternative energy resources, oil and gas that Nigeria depends on for foreign exchange generation would continue to dominate the world's energy mix by 2035. Share
Energy policy uncertainty blamed for price rises, investment delays : Energy policy uncertainty blamed for price rises, investment delays Share
Australia's energy reliability certain for only next two years: AEMC : Australia's energy reliability certain for only next two years: AEMC Share

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Some industry related ASX announcements yesterday ...

Company Announcement title
OILEX LTD Financial Report for Year Ended 30 June 2017
OILEX LTD Updated Constitution
ANTILLES OIL AND GAS NL Expiry of Unlisted Performance Rights
LAKES OIL NL Litigation Update
KINA PETROLEUM LIMITED Half Yearly Report and Accounts
PAN PACIFIC PETROLEUM NL Results of First Court Hearing
MOLOPO ENERGY LIMITED S249D requisition notice to call a meeting of shareholders
PETSEC ENERGY LIMITED Petsec Provides Update on Hummer Gas/Oil Field Developmen
BYRON ENERGY LIMITED OEL: Rig Contract Executed for SM 71 Drilling Program
OTTO ENERGY LIMITED Rig Contract Executed for SM 71 Drilling Program
BYRON ENERGY LIMITED Drilling Rig Contracted For SM 71 Program
OTTO ENERGY LIMITED BYE: Drilling Rig Contracted For SM 71 Program
NORWEST ENERGY NL WBE: Well Progress Drilling Ahea
JUPITER ENERGY LIMITED Addition to the Board and changes to CEO Service Agreemen
EDEN ENERGY LIMITED TAS: EdenCrete Included in GDOT Invitation to Bi
NORWEST ENERGY NL Xandu-1 Drilling Update
EDEN ENERGY LIMITED EdenCrete Included in GDOT Invitation to Bi

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